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Team News


Annie's favorite activity is working out!

The Geriatric Psychiatry Team celebrated the longest day in June 2021!


Antero's favorite summer activity is fishing. Interestingly, he enjoys fishing at night. Hence, the beautiful sunset!

randy longest day_edited.jpg

Dr. and Mrs. Pomara love playing with their grandkids. 

Chelsea's favorite summer activity is playing with her puppy. Featured here is them in their Alzheimer's Association gear!

walk to end Alzheimer's disease.jpg

Antero and his family on the End to Alzheimer's Walk together. 

Katie walk.jpg

Katie doing her Alzheimer's walk alongside a river. 

The Geriatric Psychiatry Team also participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease


The GERI program ranked second in number of steps walked!

more walk.jpg

Pictured here are some of the flags for the walk along the Jersey Shore. 

Other Past Events

walk 2018.jpg

Our group at the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's in 2018

more walk 2018.jpg

Dr. Pomara speaking to psychiatrists and caregivers at the Summit Park Nursing Home!

Randy's favorite activity is gardening in his yard. 

Dr. Reichert and Family

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