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Common Questions Asked:
1) Is the MERI program only for those with memory problems?
Answer: No! While the MERI program can identify if an individual is having a memory problem or a related cognitive issue, the program is available to all older adults. Think of the MERI program as a  healthy brain "check-in" visit.
2) Is it recommended to come back each year even if my MERI was "normal"?
Answer: Yes! It is important to return for your annual visit so we can see if there are any changes. If there are changes, we can help you understand if the changes are normal for your age.
3) Is Alzheimer's disease the only cause of memory problems?
Answer: No! There are many different causes of memory problems. Some of these causes can be addressed with lifestyle modifications (e.g., blood pressure, weight) and it is important to be proactive. You may not have memory problems now, but a cognitive baseline and a yearly check-in will allow us to "catch" a memory problem early on.
4) Is the MERI Program free and confidential?
Answer: Yes! The MERI Program is a research-based program in which your information is protected, similar to when you go to a doctor's office. We only share your results with you and your physician if you agree to it.


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