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Meet the GERI Team!


Antero Sarreal, MD

Dr. Sarreal is the Clinical Research Coordinator for our program. He has been working here since 2007.

(845) 398 6532

Vita Pomara

Vita Pomara has been our program's administrator for the past 15 years. Vita is also the back-up study coordinator for GERI.

(845) 398 5582

Annie Schatz, BA

Annie Schatz is a rater and works on the MERI program. She has been working here since 2019.

(845) 398 6594

Annie picture Final.png

Randy Hernando, MD

Dr. Hernando is a Research Scientist for GERI. He has been working in clinical research for over 20 years.

(845) 398 5578

bab (002).jpg

Chelsea Reichert, PhD

Dr.Chelsea Reichert may be our "new" post doc, but she is not new to the GERI Team! She is also our former research assistant for the MERI Program and has been doing clinical research since 2012.

(845) 398 5583

Katie Brundage, BS

Katie Brundage is a rater and coordinator for several of our clinical trials. She has been working here since 2017.

(845) 398 6533

John Sidtis, PhD

Dr. Sidtis is Director of the Brain and Behavior Laboratory at the Nathan Kline Institute. He assists our team with the MERI.

(845) 398 5577

(Recently retired)

annmarie portrait.jpg

AnnMarie McGrory, BA

AnnMarie McGrory is a rater for the MERI program. She has been working here since March of 2022.


Current Interns


Julia Hoyt

SUNY Geneseo

Class of 2022

Major: Neuroscience


Lauren Sarreal

Wagner College

Class of 2025

Major: BS-MS PA program


Kensei Maeda, BS

Kensei Maeda is a coordinator for the Aβeta in Late Life Major Depression (LLMD) grant, also known as the ABD study, at sites NKI and NYU.


Accepting applications for Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 Academic year

Former Visiting Scientists

Farewell party in February 2020 for Drs. Claudia Tagliarini, Giovanni Pagni, Manuel Glauco Carbone, Psychiatry Residents from the University of Pisa,  who spent approximately 6 months with us as Visiting Research Scientists.

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